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Alaska Medical Solutions is owned and operated by Joey Lynne Caterinichio.

Joey and Ja Dorris have been working in the Orthopedic Recovery community and are well known for their hard work and excellent patient care. Together, with a highly skilled  team, AMS brings a service to patients and health care providers that is of the highest standard.  Experienced in working with people, AMS brings to the table years of personal care and interactions and is committed to healthcare and patient recovery.  The goal is to help people recover and meet their medical goals by using highest of standards by utilizing strict guidelines.

Joey has been in the Medical Industry for 14 years, she is also a recipient of Anchorage’s top 40 under 40, she currently serves on the Anchorage Parks and Recreation commissions.  On her off days you will find Joey donating many hours to her community and works directly with the US Ski Team.  Joey serves as a leader and is on the board for Alaska and US Skiing.   

Ja uses his Physical Education background, Fitness teachings, along with his athletic training and coaching background that he has practiced in the community for the past 20 years. Ja is highly involved in the Grass Route and National programs of Nordic Skiing in Alaska.  Ja can also be found coaching at the local, national and international level to include the US Ski Team and former Olympic Athletes.

As lifetime Alaskans, you can find them active raising two young daughters.  Together they work as leaders in Alaska’s health and sports networks and are very active in the community at all levels.

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Coaching is a lot like patient care. Like athletes, you give your patients undivided attention, set achievable goals, and inspiration reflects outcomes.

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